Heggies Pizza Fundraiser

Hallock Youth Hockey Players and Parents:
Ready to sell some pizza?! This year we will be selling Heggies Pizza again based out of Milaca, MN. We got great reviews last year! As always, we will have 2 weeks to sell. Remember, this is our main fundraiser so please try your hardest to get out and sell. 

Heggies pizzas are 12” and this year they are offering 7 varieties. Please pay attention to the price of each pizza. We need to sell a minimum of 2,300 to get boxing assistance from Heggies! We would like each family to sell at least 50 pizzas! Please do your best There will be canteen dollar prizes again for the top 3 sellers!

Form/money hand in day will be Monday, November 29. You can hand in before this day BUT NOT LATER. Like we did last year, we will utilize the drop box at Brett's office for form and money hand in or feel free to reach out and directly deliver to Molly Sobolik. 

PLEASE TOTAL YOUR SHEETS AND MONEY! And make sure ALL money is paid when the order is taken. Checks can be made out to Hallock Youth Hockey.

The pizzas will be delivered to the arena Wednesday, December 15th. Everyone will need to pick up their pizzas that night at the arena.

Thank you for supporting Hallock Youth Hockey!

Good luck and sell lots!!! Questions? Please call or text Molly Sobolik 218.988.2160