To view the 2023/2024 canteen schedule of workers  click here.

Group 1

Nov. 18-Dec. 16

  1. Mark/Nikki Larson
  2. Justin/Jamie Turner
  3. Guy/Miranda Gustafson**
  4. Taryn Mortenson
  5. Kristen Anderson
  6. Turk/Heidi Johnson
  7. Caleb/Amanda Pinnock
  8. Michelle Huff
  9. Luke/Britta Nordin
  10. Julian/Crusita Andrade
  11. Nathaniel/Ann Hyman
  12. Bob/Sue Albrecht
  13. Jay Friedt

Group 2

Dec. 17-Jan. 13

  1. Joel/Kim Deere
  2. Tracy Folland
  3. Jacki Przekwas
  4. Tanner/Mandi Samuelson
  5. Ryan/Katherine Olson
  6. Tom Muir**
  7. Amber Deere/Jack Deere
  8. Paul Johnson
  9. Nowell Johnson
  10. Katie Maaninga
  11. Lon Woinarowicz
  12. Abbie Lindegard
  13. Janelle Lindegard
  14. Kris/Bethany Folland
  15. Nathan Younggren
  16. Taryn Warner

Group 3

Jan. 14-Feb. 10

  1. Jolene Froese
  2. Jami Carr
  3. Jessica/Chris Woinarowicz
  4. Michael Lindegard
  5. Jared Woinarowicz
  6. Angie Knott
  7. Jana Kraulik
  8. Tim Williamson/Deborah Worley
  9. Fritz/Michelle Mueller
  10. Chelsie Christensen**
  11. Kevin/Cara Peterson
  12. Alison Diamond
  13. Jeremy/Erin Pollestad
  14. Jon/Katie Langen
  15. Eric/Shannon Finney

Group 4

Feb. 11-End of Season

  1. Stacy Diamond
  2. Blake Younggren
  3. Robert/Emily Gunnarson**
  4. Jill Sobolik
  5. Darrick Haugstad
  6. Scott/Taylor Lindegard
  7. Ashley Anderson
  8. Megan Sugden
  9. Scot Olson/Linda Brown
  10. David/Ashlie Kaul
  11. Erik/Karen Gubbels
  12. George Hanson
  13. Heather Hanson
  14. Jason/Melissa Gohman
  15. Derek/Samantha Bratlie

Canteen Representatives

Termites - Anna Woinarowicz

Mite 1 - Tiffany Hemmes

Mite 2 - Anna Woinarowicz

Squirts - Nicole Johnson

Peewees - Melissa Woinarowicz

Bantams -

Varsity - Miranda Gustafson & Jessie Muir

Canteen Information

We do have canteen parent representatives that will be in charge of the canteen on certain days. The license that our concession stand holds requires the food manager certification which is administered by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). 

  1. The people who are exempt from working the canteen are: Board Members, Coaches, Game Scheduler, Registrar, Equipment Manager, Canteen Parent Representatives, and Canteen Food Purchaser
  2. Each work group will have one or two co-chairperson(s). The co-chairperson(s) will be responsible for setting up the work schedule and advising the work group.
  3. In-House games games will be scheduled to your group. Each chairperson will be asked to make sure there is a copy of the work schedule in the canteen for their 5-week shift so that if the canteen parent reps have any questions they know who to contact.
  4. There is a charge card policy in the canteen. We do ask parents to put money in the canteen for their skaters so they have a credit. Charging will stop once the account balance is ZERO.
  5. No children are allowed in the canteen at any time. If you are working a shift, please abide by this rule.
  6. This schedule will not be “fair,” as it is not possible to make it so there may be more scheduling made and some re-scheduling done for various reasons (weather, added games etc.)
  7. Suggested number of workers/games:
  8. Park Board: 3 per game - 1 person needs to come in 1 hour before game time and 2 people come in ½ hour before game time.  
  9. Varsity/JV: 5 people - 1 person for the door and 4 in the canteen (all one hour before the game).
  10. Please try to schedule at least one “veteran” worker for each shift so that not everyone is new to the canteen.
  11. Please remember that if you are unable to work your shift, you are responsible to find your own sub! Your help is sincerely appreciated! Without the help of each and every one of you, our canteen would not run smoothly.
  12. Co-chairperson note: When making out the work schedule, try to coordinate each individual in your work group around their son’s/daughter’s game schedule. When a player has an out of town game, try not to schedule the parent on canteen duty. Some parents may want to work when their son/daughter is playing on home ice. Try to schedule a “veteran” worker with “new workers.”

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