Spring Meeting

3-25-19 Annual Parent's Meeting 

Parents present: Blake Younggren, Miranda Gustafson, Guy Gustafson, Nathan Sugden, Tracy Folland, Katherine Olson, Shawna Hennen, Rod Hennen, ErikLindegard, Jamie Turner, Robert Gunnarson, Jason Sobolik, Joel Deere, Brett Sobolik, Carey Mortenson, Dave Hemmes, Tiffany Hemmes, Julian Andrade, Tom Muir, Hayley Kresel.

  • *Mike called the meeting to order
    • *First on the agenda was to discuss a new canteen purchaser.
      • *Mike explained that Rodney Bakken has been doing the canteen purchasing in recent years but has decided to relinquish this responsibility.
      • *The job entails that this person/these people would take inventory of canteen stock, order food as needed, meet the food truck and Coke truck, be attentive to what is needed in the canteen and be in touch with canteen parent reps each week.
      • *He also explained that we will be adding responsibility to the parent canteen reps.
        • *There is a parent canteen rep for every team, and this person opens the canteen on the days that their team has the first game of the day.
          • *They start the food, etc. but we will be adding responsibilities for them now that Rodney is done.
          • *We need parent reps to sign up soon.
            • JV/Varsity: Shawna 
            • PeeWee: volunteer needed
            • Squirt: volunteer needed
            • Mite: volunteer needed
            • Termite: Nicole Johnson
    • *We will be moving the registration date to July 1, 2019 due to questionable numbers on the PeeWee and Squirt teams.
      • *This will give us a better idea of how to proceed with our numbers.
        • *Currently, the numbers stand at 16 High School, 7 Bantam eligible, 8 PeeWees, 16 Squirts, 17 Mites, and 16 Termites.
        • *Should we field two Squirt teams? Should we move someSquirts to the PeeWee team and keep Squirts as one team?
          • *Joel Deere said that we should move some Squirts to PeeWees and not try to field two small Squirt teams.
            • *One of those teams would mandatorily have to play A's and they aren’t ready for that.
          • *Nathan Sugden said that he would rather see classmates remain together as much as possible and have a larger, more competitive Squirt team, lending a few kids to the PeeWees as needed.
        • *Robert said in selecting Squirt-aged kids to move up toPeeWees, he would like to see the team grow to at least11 kids, ideally.
          • *This would have to be done with a try-out method.
    • *There are outstanding balances in the canteen charge book.
      • *We are going to implement a policy next year that no one is allowed to charge beyond -$50.
    • *Molly Sobolik will be starting the sign up for the fair food stand soon so watch e-mail!
    • *Erik Lindegard said that there is a drive for community event in Pembina and participants must register online.
    • *Mike updated the group on the Zamboni fundraising which has been completely funded by donations…we are getting close to meeting the goal.
      • *He also told the group that ours will be taken on trade, unless Cavalier buys it, which has been discussed also.
    • *Dave Hemmes said he would like to pursue the 10,000 pucks challenge to keep kids active in hockey in the summer. Updates will follow.
    • *Robert updated the group on the off-ice training facility.
      • *We will be moving forward with it soon.
      • *The project got to be bigger than originally planned as we are going to try to incorporate repairs to the entry way.
      • He went on to explain the 50x30 hockey-specific project.
    • *Finally, the election of new board members was the last item on the agenda.
      • *Mike explained that due to the by-laws, Matt and Emily are up for re-election this year.
        • *Matt chose not to run again, but Emily is willing to do another term if elected.
        • *Also nominated on the ballot was Brett Sobolik, and members could vote/write-in up to four nominees.
          • *Emily and Brett were both elected to make 7 board members, but our goal was to obtain nine.
          • *Both Dave Hemmes and Jason Sobolik received 3 write-in nominations, which was more than the other write-ins.
            • *Both Dave and Jason agreed to join the board.
    • *Meeting was adjourned.

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