Fundraising/Volunteer Expectations

As part of the Hallock Youth Hockey Association, all skaters/parents are expected to participate in all fundraising. The Fundraising Committee is made up of: Molly Sobolik, Jessie Muir, and Lindsey Gullickson

Heggies Pizzas - We will be selling Heggies pizzas at the beginning of the season. The order forms will be handed out and you will be notified the date they are to be turned in.

Canteen - Working in the Canteen is also required by parents. You will be put into a Group to work a 5-week time period for all public skating and hockey games scheduled at the Hallock Ice Arena. 

Steak Fry - During the year, the Hallock Youth Hockey Association holds two Steak Fries all held at the Eagles Facility in Hallock. Parents are required to participate. The Steak Fries are held on New Year’s and the Senior Hockey Tournament in March. 

For the 2018-2019 season, the following teams will be responsible for the respective steak fries: New Years: Termites, Mites, and Squirts. 

Senior Hockey Tournaments: Peewees, JV, and Varsity.  

For each steak fry, there will need to be a Chairperson. If anyone is interested in chairing one of these events, please let your Youth Hockey Board or team rep know. The rest of the team parents help work and bring salads. Please consider this job when your work group comes up for its designated steak fry. 

Hallock Ice Arena Food Stand - As a user of the Hallock Ice Arena, you will be expected to work at the Hallock Arena Food Stand at the Kittson County Fair in the summer. Working in the summer is based off the previous hockey season. Parents are expected to work one shift each and players 4th grade and over are expected to also work one shift. You will be notified at what point you will be able to sign up. As of right now, you only have to work every other year. This could change in the future. We do get a percentage of the funds raised at the ArenaFood Stand to go to our association. 

Other various fundraisers could be held at different times of the year. Skaters/Parents will be notified in advance of these fundraisers.

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